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Ten Amazing Money-Saving Apps You Need Now

In today’s digital age, smartphones have become a tool that assists us in virtually every aspect of our lives. So, why not use this powerful tool to save money? There’s a vast selection of money-saving apps available that can help you budget, find deals, earn cash back, and much more. Here are ten amazing money-saving apps that you need to download right now.

1. Mint

If you’re new to budgeting or simply need a better way to track your spending, Mint is a fantastic option. This app allows you to connect all your bank accounts, credit cards, and even your bills. By doing so, it provides a holistic view of your finances and tracks your spending in different categories, making budgeting a breeze.

2. Rakuten

Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten is a must-have for online shoppers. This app offers cash back for purchases made at over 2,500 online stores. All you need to do is start your shopping journey from the Rakuten app, and you’ll earn cash back on eligible purchases.

3. Honey

Ever wish there was an easy way to find coupon codes without having to search multiple sites? That’s where Honey comes in. This browser extension automatically applies the best coupon codes available at checkout. No more wasting time hunting for deals.

4. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards turns your grocery receipts into savings. Simply scan your grocery receipts, and you’ll earn points for every item you purchase from one of the participating brands. You can redeem these points for gift cards from a variety of retailers.

5. GasBuddy

With gas prices on the rise, GasBuddy is a must-have app. It helps you find the cheapest gas prices in your area. Additionally, if you sign up for their Pay with GasBuddy program, you can save up to 25 cents per gallon on gas.

6. Ibotta

Similar to Rakuten, Ibotta gives you cash back on purchases, but it’s particularly strong for grocery shopping. Simply select your offers, shop, and then snap a photo of your receipt. Ibotta will match the items you bought to the offers selected and give you the cash!

7. PocketGuard

PocketGuard is a budgeting app that links to your bank accounts and tracks your spending relative to your budget throughout the month. It will even alert you when you’re close to going over budget, making it easier for you to adjust your spending habits.

8. YNAB (You Need A Budget)

YNAB is more than just a budgeting app. It’s a complete personal finance tool that helps you get out of debt and save more money. Unlike other budgeting apps, YNAB focuses on giving every dollar a job, helping you prioritize your spending and cut back on unnecessary expenses.

9. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 works similarly to Ibotta, but with a twist. Every Thursday, the app updates with a new list of offers. All you have to do is pick the ones you like, purchase them at any store, and upload a photo of your receipt to earn cash back.

10. Acorns

Acorns is a savings and investment app that rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar and invests the difference. It’s a fantastic way to start investing without even thinking about it.


In this era of technological advancement, saving money has never been easier. With the above money-saving apps at your disposal, you can transform your smartphone into a powerful tool that makes saving money effortless and fun. So don’t wait, start downloading these apps and experience the joy of saving money today!

Join us again for more money-saving tips and tricks here on FrugalTude, your go-to guide for all things budgeting and frugality. We’re committed to helping you achieve financial freedom one step at a time. Happy saving!

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